Pen Point Attachments

Enkaustikos C-Series
Enkaustikos Hot Pen Point Attachments have revolutionized the process of applying wax paint. You can use them to achieve various line widths, create encaustic calligraphy or simply draw with wax paint. They are available in a range of sizes to create a broad spectrum of line widths; from a hairline to a very broad stroke. The brass pen tip is kept hot by the wax pen plugged into a temperature regulator or you can use the Versa Tool that has a built in regulator for half the cost!

Simply dip the heated pen tip into your cup of melted wax paint and the pen will draw up and hold the paint until you apply it. Ann Huffman who invented it doesn’t even use a heated palette. Ann simply touches the heated pen to a cake of wax and allows it to melt and draw up the paint and then paints with it. These pens fuse the wax layer as it applies paint so you will not have to fuse afterwards and chance blurring your crisp line work or sacrifice detail.

Think of the benefit, you can now paint at your own speed and not rush to apply paint before it cools on your brush.
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