Heated Tools

Creative Versa-Tool
Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool with Versa-Temp Variable Temperature Control and 11 wood-burning Points. This wood burning tool with built in regulator is perfect for use with Enkaustikos heated pen point attachments and their handmade brass brush attachments.
Hot Wax Pen with Four Hot Tips
This is a specialized wood burning tool that comes with four different brass hot tips. The on/off switch is inline (part of the electric chord itself). Like all wood burning type tools, this REQUIRES A TEMPERATURE REGULATOR when used in encaustic painting (sold separately). When plugged directly into the wall, the Wax Pen can get hot enough to burn through wood so it will also be hot enough to burn through the beeswax in your encaustic paints as well. With the use of a temperature regulator, you will be able to monitor and control how hot the Wax Pen gets. All of our Enkaustikos hot brushes, hot pens, and hot tips are fitted for the Hot Wax Pen. The tips included are a chisel edge tip (shown screwed onto the handle), a mini palette knife tip, a pointed stylus tip, and a blunted bullet tip. The Hot Wax Pen is a very popular encaustic tool and all of our Enkaustikos Hot Brush, Hot Tip, and Hot Pen Point Attachments are designed to fit the Wax Pen.