Care & Maintenance

Hot Tool Care & Maintenance
  • Always remove the Hot Tool attachments by gently grasping them by the ferrule (see diagram below) to unscrew them from the wax pen. Attachments should be removed while still hot because residual wax will still be soft and pliable. Use paper towels or a soft cloth to protect your fingers from getting burned. Never grasp the tip of the Hot Tool attachment (the pen point or brush bristles) to remove or unscrew it.

  • Never force attachments onto the wax pen. The Hot Tool attachments will still get hot even if they are loosely screwed onto the wax pen, forcing the attachments on or screwing them on too tightly will cause damage.

  • Use Slick Wax and a soft cloth or paper towels to clean your Hot Tool attachments.

  • Carefully screw the Hot Tool attachments onto the wax pen, as forcing the tips on may result in cross-threading of the tools.

  • To protect the bristles of the Hot Brush attachments when not in use, dip the tip of the bristles in melted Slick Wax to coat and then let cool.