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Linda Robertson Set

The Linda Roberston Set is designed for artists interested in mixed media approaches with encaustic paints. What is so unique about this set is that it comes with three online tutorials created by Linda Robertson. Using the items she personally selected for this set, she will guide you with easy to follow and clear instructions on basic encaustic techniques and then go on to demonstrate several ways in which to use the different items this set has to offer.

Set Contents:

One each of Enkaustikos Wax Snaps in Bismuth Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Pyrrole Red, Phthalo Green Yellow Shade, Zinc White and Super Gold Pearl, and 6 each of the Wax Snaps Wax Medium. It also contains a 6 fl. oz. container of Slick Wax which is used for cleaning your tools, palette and brushes. There is a stencil from StencilGirl Products and a PanPastel with applicator. In addition, you will get four different style brushes, three scraping and incising tools ideal for encaustic painting and a professional quality wood panel to get you started.

The online tutorials run approximately 15 minutes each and provide extremely helpful tips and guidelines for you to follow along as she completes her mixed media work of art. 

The Linda Robertson Encaustic Set from Enkaustikos from Linda Robertson on Vimeo.

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